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Are you tired of paying over-inflated prices for "designer" goods? So were we. When we started the Green Hill Collection, we decided to use the finest regional craftsmen and the finest quality American-made materials. These are the exact same materials used by designer firms who charge many times what we do for similar products. We, however, decided that we should pass along these items to our customers at Fair Market Value. Hopefully, we will make up in volume what we lack in designer pricing.
All of our Green Hill Collection products are either designed by us, or by the craftsmen we have producing them. All items are unique to the Green Hill Collection. We are constantly updating our designs and materials, both to make certain we stay ahead of the trends, and to be certain we can offer our customers the finest products we can make.
Every item in the Green Hill Collection is individually hand-crafted in the U.S.A.and each will have it's own individual characteristics. That means that no two are identical. These items are made to order, not mass produced.
If you receive something you like, and want to order another one just like it, you will likely have to return it to us so we can try to match it. Even then, because of dye lot changes, or the availability of lining materials, it might not be possible to match something exactly. Except for standard browns and blacks, garment leathers are almost impossible to match unless they come off the same hide.
For the curious: The area where we live was once known as Green Hill, Pennsylvania until it was incorporated into the greater West Chester area. The old railroad station on our logo used to stand on the property diagonally behind ours. The boxcar in the old photo would have been directly behind our house.
To see images of many of our Greenhill Collection products, please visit our web site at:

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